summer lives in your skin & i want to make my home there sliced open without the desperation of your breath on my lips or the taste of your soul against mine memories of us cloud my senses in shades of you.. you.. you your voice begins with autumn & the echoes resonate spreading out until it fades & collides with the gravel of space reverberating … Continue reading earth;


i would have torn down the world if you had asked your print in the universe would be the only thing left standing oxygen would have to reinvent itself & the earth would have to reverse crumble & molecule after molecule would water come back together you glowed brighter than the constellations that held you up & you only shined brighter the farther you stepped … Continue reading universe;


(after) i have fought a war of seven billion people & lust smoldered into heartache & tasted so sweet this premonition of battle outlasted your life & his life & her life & my life outlasted it all- happily forsaken so tell me how tell me how to feel tell me how to feel that thing called love that everybody seems to feel tell me … Continue reading serial;


there’s this static fever ceaselessly chugging through my veins & they say the body is supposed to be your personal bomb shelter but i’ve been splayed across the table craving euthanization for days & what happens when your sanctuary has run amuck; the only place that has truly brought you salvation has apostatized & trying to wait out this delirium is ripping your quintessential being … Continue reading fever;


sometimes my repressed anger bubbles up my throat threatening to come out; i feel the need to dial your number and scream your name till my voice is hoarse and crackled; yelling infidelities that you have caused me till i’m blue in the face till it’s pale and laying on the floor; there are nothing but storms in the horizon and i am but a small infeasible … Continue reading shook;

my friend was ghosted and this is what i told her;

(For the sake of this article I’ll use the participle of ‘he’ and if you’re into women feel free to imagine this as a ‘she’) Be upset today, hell, you can even be upset tomorrow. But chin-up. This guy is only a passing fling and the way that he ghosted you is not a tell on you; he ghosted you because of himself and his … Continue reading my friend was ghosted and this is what i told her;