hung out to dry like yesterday’s laundry

Most of the time I feel like that green tinted, dark, and rusty copper penny. Old and useless because who wants a penny in their pocket when they could have a dime? I’m incredibly insecure and I always believe I’m second best. And as someone told me, I never give myself enough credit. My insecurities are well hidden from many except a select few who … Continue reading hung out to dry like yesterday’s laundry

say hello to the world for me superman

Growing up my dad was is Superman. He is my role model and everything I aspire to be like someday. He’s crass and never really says the right things. He’s stubborn to a fault and refuses to give up on anything. He has the temper of an active volcano and doesn’t know when to show affection. But… he’s the hardest working man I know. He strives … Continue reading say hello to the world for me superman


Life happens and things get in the way. You lose sight of what you like to do or you just don’t have enough time to do the things you love. That’s why I haven’t posted in about two weeks. I was busy going out for Halloween, working my ass off, writing papers for classes, and trying to date a boy. Well, we aren’t dating FYI. … Continue reading happenings