i have fought a war of seven billion people
& lust smoldered into heartache & tasted so sweet
this premonition of battle outlasted your life & his life & her life & my life outlasted it all-
happily forsaken

so tell me how
tell me how to feel
tell me how to feel that thing called love that everybody seems to feel
tell me over and over again when the smoke & shades of last time still churned with smoldering ash & all i can think is that love burned everything that i touched

i thought i knew love when i tasted that guy’s lips & this guy’s lips & i guess your lips too
but then your lips charred frigid air & his lips seared dehydrated h2o & all the lips that came (before) & (after) ignited empty flame
i suppose you guys cauterized that wound that each of you pried open with a singular twitch of your collective callous words but
it all tasted of desperation and (before) i thought i knew love and (after) i only knew desolation

regardless of all this i kept you all in the mausoleum called my heart
too bad time turned it into a graveyard that only you folks could invoke &
i murdered your memories & became the serial killer mother always begged me to be

you would have been proud


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