summer lives in your skin & i want to make my home there sliced open without the desperation of your breath on my lips or the taste of your soul against mine memories of us cloud my senses in shades of you.. you.. you your voice begins with autumn & the echoes resonate spreading out until it fades & collides with the gravel of space reverberating … Continue reading earth;


i would have torn down the world if you had asked your print in the universe would be the only thing left standing oxygen would have to reinvent itself & the earth would have to reverse crumble & molecule after molecule would water come back together you glowed brighter than the constellations that held you up & you only shined brighter the farther you stepped … Continue reading universe;


i took your organs and ripped them out to turn them backwards and inside-out- i found them black like shadow black like shade black like dark black like me- leaking tendrils of shadow in pores of two,three,five,eight more   weighed down by the pit of mass, shaken, stirred, but never mixed blackblackblack burned through and left trails of shadows in their wake Continue reading whiteout;

watch me;

I. about the end of the world, it’s already here. it’s here and you couldn’t spot it and she couldn’t spot and i couldn’t spot it and- destruction is so clear and it’s hard to care about it burning. burning when you are full of fluorescent lights burning liquid nitrogen through your pores. burning cheap whiskey downdowndown. it is ugly like hell it is ugly … Continue reading watch me;