sometimes my repressed anger bubbles up my throat threatening to come out; i feel the need to dial your number and scream your name till my voice is hoarse and crackled; yelling infidelities that you have caused me till i’m blue in the face till it’s pale and laying on the floor; there are nothing but storms in the horizon and i am but a small infeasible … Continue reading shook;

my friend was ghosted and this is what i told her;

(For the sake of this article I’ll use the participle of ‘he’ and if you’re into women feel free to imagine this as a ‘she’) Be upset today, hell, you can even be upset tomorrow. But chin-up. This guy is only a passing fling and the way that he ghosted you is not a tell on you; he ghosted you because of himself and his … Continue reading my friend was ghosted and this is what i told her;


just needed to update that i’m reading a fic that used the term, ‘yeah i still love you, you fucking big of dicks,’ in a totally meaningful manner and it pretty much sums up life in a nutshell. that’s it, peace and love motherfuckers, we’re at war with ourselves. (oOoooooOH that can be a fucking line and it will be a fucking line because that was … Continue reading ok;